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Passive Income Business Opportunities

Present ‘Sure-Fire’ Ways to

Double Your Income and

Decrease Your Working Hours

small business ideas plantyourseed Passive Income Business Opportunities  – The Easiest Way to Double or Triple Your Earnings Without Working More Passive income business opportunities are on the tip of the tongues of many people. It doesn’t  matter whether you graduated Magna Cum Laude or THANKYOU LAUDE! … WE’RE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT NOW. The economic crisis affected everyone in one way or another. And even if you didn’t take a direct hit “This Time”, what does the future hold? What would you do if your current personal economy was reduced, slightly, dramatically or completely… tomorrow? Passive income business opportunities have proven to be some of the most sure-fire desirable ways to generate a continuous income to give you the Freedom, Time and Security you always envisioned for yourself and your family. Remarkably, they require No Special Skills or Experience.

A Passive Income Business Opportunity is…

So what exactly are Passive income business opportunities anyway? The obvious answer is… businesses that have, built into it, methods for the owner to  generate income – passively. Michael Gerber, author of the great business book – The “E” Myth – stated that a true business earns income for the owner… whether the owner is there or not! Now this isn’t an abstract concept because the vast majority of people have had a job, at one time or another, and had no idea of who the owner was, let alone “where” the owner was. Most people agree that to earn money like that would be great; but they just don’t have a clue as to how they can get on the other side of the ledger.

Why are “home based” Passive Income Business Opportunities so appealing?

Modern technology has allowed home based business companies to make it possible for almost anybody, who has the desire, have the option to start and run a business. A business that can be self financed and yet have a global reach by building an organization that allows an “owner” to make income passively!

In addition to featuring passive income, many home based businesses are incorporating residual income, which has now become a common business phrase. It’s no longer something that is restricted to the CHOSEN ONES.  Even well paid professionals are searching through passive income business opportunities and choosing to own one because, the chance to build a residual income stream has become an effective way to counteract uneven to declining returns from 401Ks, real estate and stock investments; as well as the fact that many companies are phasing out or will no longer offer a pension.

Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

Considering the lessons learned, YET AGAIN, from the latest economic crisis; You quite possibly are “SERIOUSLY” evaluating passive income business opportunities and also want a long term residual income solution. Mentioned below are a few steps that will assist you in picking the most profitable business idea for you.

The very first thing to deduce is whether the “business” is legitimate. In some cases it may not be easy to spot a scam, however, by answering the questions below you will be able to discern the legitimacy of a company. Soooo

Here we go:

1. How long have they been in business?

2. Are they an accredited member of The Better Business Bureau?

2. Are the company’s executives and leadership identified and what is the extent of their experience?

3. Has the company had any run-ins with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission)?

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4. Are there any unresolved complaints about the company with the State Attorneys General Office?

5. How unique or prevalent is the service or product?

6. Do they have any problems with The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)?

7. Are the products / services highly consumable and being used by consumers… not involved in the business?

Two additional considerations when investigating passive income business opportunities are…

(1) The ease of getting started. Simply put, this is the effort required for you to start making money.

(2) Will you need to acquire and incorporate unreasonable marketing skills? ( however the main issue is whether or not the product has sufficient demand; use your common sense)

What you Must Know About Your Home Business Opportunity

3 Marketability Assessment Tips

  • Do people want the product or service?
  • Is the product or service fairly priced in comparison to similar products?
  • Are potential consumers likely to get better value elsewhere?

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