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Ways To Supplement Your Income

Do you happen to be searching for a way to supplement your income working from home like the other 175 thousand searchers that are online each day? Home businesses or income replacement programs seem to be the in thing nowadays more so because of the occurrence of cutbacks, downsizing, closures and other incidences that are affecting employment. People seem to have been cowered or motivated to use the internet to search for the financial security that is offered by low-cost start-up businesses.  At the very least they are hoping to find a way to supplement their current income.

Read below as we share the reason why ten’s of thousands of people from around the world are turning to direct marketing to earn extra income.

Go through the points listed below and enlighten yourself about the thousands of individuals from all corners of the globe who have turned to the process of direct marketing in order to increase their income. The Direct Selling Association reports that there are over 200,000 new distributors within the United States in addition to over half a million in the rest of the world.

The United States Department of Labor has reported that by the year 2025, more than a third of the workforce is bound to be based in homes. Discover the reasons why an increasing number of individuals are looking at direct marketing as an efficient way to supplement income via passive income methods.

Let us now shift focus to the ten main reasons why ‘NOT’ working from home is as dangerous as playing Russian roulette.

10. Robert Kiyosaki put it best when he said “the methods of carrying out business have changed drastically”. Good education these days does not guarantee a stable full time job. The average employee will shift jobs approximately seven times throughout their career.

9. Stock Market activity has greatly slumped and unless one has some secret stash, it may take a period of more than five years for it to bounce back.

8. Many large companies are shutting down therefore; there are fewer businesses that can employ the jobless people.

7. A home based business may be one of the only ways of restricting the decline of your valued savings.

6. It is hardly the case that close to a million individuals could be crazy. This large number of individuals is on the internet seeking home enterprise opportunities…(so are you!).

5. An increasing number of home based ventures now offer recurring bonuses or passive residual income. How do we expect to get rich if we have not learned to earn like rich people.

4. Being positioned at the right time and place is vitally important when making business decisions.  Projections show that direct sales will perform better in the following ten years than the last fifty years put together.

3. 13 million individuals within the United States and a further 58 million in the rest of the world have proved the value of direct sales. I guess success does leave its tracks as clues.

2. Direct marketing’s yearly revenue has exceeded $30 billion in the States and 100 billion around the world.

1. Supplementing your income by working at home is the fastest method for the average Tim or Tisha to go from a falling star to a …RockStar.

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